About The Contest
After 13 years of conducting this contest offline, Toyota Kirloskar Motor invites children from all the over the country to envision a better future for us through art. Children are encouraged to put forward their innovative ideas in ‘car’ form so that they can start the process of delivering actionable change alongside us. Also, participants will get a certificate from Toyota. Winners of the contest will get gift vouchers and certificates will also stand a chance to get a sizeable educational grant as a stepping stone to convert their dreams to reality. Interested participants will be able to submit their entries on this site from 10th to 24th February 2022.
Cars of the Future
The theme for Toyota Dream Car Art Contest this year is 'Cars of the Future'. The world is on the cusp of another revolution with sustainability, technology, space exploration and virtual worlds all possibly shaping the way we live in the future.
We're challenging children to use their imagination to draw cars that will be part of the future that they envision.
National Winners 2021
Debosmita from Tripura explains that her dream car has a solar roof and built-in wings to take her anywhere she wants to go. The car is both good for the environment and on the wallet.
13-year-old Harshvardhan has conceptualized a sustainable car that comes with a water tank. It aims to supply water to those locations where no other vehicle can go
Jhanavi’s dreamcar, The Toyota 3000, is a solar-hybrid car that uses the sun’s energy during the day and its own batteries when it gets dark. The car can even go to space at the click of a button.
8-year-old Bonam was motivated to do something about cars submerging during floods. So he proposed a floatation system for the vehicles to keep them afloat and out of harm’s way.
9-year-old Mayukha’s dream car concept is a high powered, super-fast car that also loves nature. Presenting the Car-E-4Nature - the sustainable Toyota sports car.
The HYWIN SOGEN is a concept car that runs on hydrogen, wind, solar, and geothermal energy. It is 6-year-old Dishaa’s solution to try and conserve our planet’s various species and resources.
The Toyota Eco-Car is an idea conceived by 14-year-old Krithi to help out all the farmers in our country and it also helps keep the environment clean.
‘These Wheels Don’t Crush Greens’ is 16-year-old Divija’s vision to save our forests. Her car doesn’t use natural resources and thereby reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
7-year-old Pranjal has conceptualized the ‘The Toyota Eco-Friendly Hybrid Car’. A car that powers itself using household waste and the sun to make the world a better place to live.
Who can participate?
We are opening the contest up to 3 different age categories:
Category 1: Under 8
years old (7 or under)
Category 2: 8-11
years old
Category 3: 12-15
years old
Let’s enable our children to envision a better future.
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